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Roses in a Box and the Meaning of their Color

We love it when customers ask us “what color of roses should I get?” 

Usually, the color of the flowers for a special someone depends on the “level” or progression of the relationship. Colors carry meaning that is associated with feelings. Because of this, some thoughtfulness is helpful when selecting them, as the feelings they represent could be interpreted differently than you intended.

Here are our suggestions:

White | Blush | Dusty Rose: these colors of roses acknowledge a youthful relationship while letting them know that they are in your mind and that special feelings are blooming.

Ideal for relationship proposals: “Want to be my girlfriend/partner?” 

Here are some examples: 

Blush Roses in a Box

Box of White Roses

White Roses and Orchids in a Box


Pink: a symbol of admiration and gratitude, pink roses are perfect to send when you want to show feelings of appreciation. This is an ideal color to send to your friends as a Galentine’s Day gift, to a sister, or to a relationship that is not romantic in nature. 

Pink Roses in a Box

Hot Pink Roses in a Box


Red: red roses are the confirmation of love. Ask yourself: is “I love you” part of our language or am I ready to say it? If the answer is yes, please proceed with red roses. 

Red Roses in a Heart-Shaped Arrangement

Infinity Roses in a Heart Shaped Box

Red Roses in a Centerpiece

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