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Send a Spotify playlist on a "cassette"!

Remember when we used to exchange mixtapes or CDS with songs that made us feel all types of emotions while thinking of that special someone?

With Privé Roses, you can send a “cassette” to accompany your floral gift!

Well, it's a life-size sticker with a scannable code to direct the recipient to the playlist or a song you want them to listen to. You only have to send the Spotify playlist or song link, her/his name, and your order number to and we take care of the rest.

Click here to add it to your order for free! 

Roses in a Box in Arlington, Virginia

Send a card with your private video message!

Modern and elegant is not just our motto, is the way YOU express yourself with Privé Roses boxes. Why just send a message on a card when you can also send the recipient a video message? They will see it by scanning a QR code or following a link printed on the note card accompanying the box of roses. And don't worry- the video is password-protected so it remains private to the password holder.  

This is the perfect touch for out-of-town surprises! Get yourself ready for that video message they will love! 

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