The Privé Story

The story of Privé Roses is a different one.

As an only child growing up in Panama, my mom used to surprise me with birthday flowers at school once I became a teenager. While we didn’t come from a family of florists (although that would have been lovely!), an appreciation for their allure grew in me.

In becoming an adult in the Washington, D.C. area, a place I have the honor to call home, I had the opportunity to attend George Mason University and major in business management and marketing. My entrepreneurial spirit rose while working for a large engineering firm, and Privé Roses was born.

I’m 110% committed to your team and making your thoughtful and lavish gestures happen flawlessly by providing the highest standard of customer experience, personalized shopping, and timely deliveries of only the freshest flowers.

Hello, I'm Liz: crafter, former model, flower fashionista, and thoughtful gifter.

Drawing from my experience as part of the marketing team for a large consulting firm, my strong sense of color and customization, and a genuine passion for gift-giving, I took my dreams to the next level in 2017 by opening Privé Roses to serve the Washington D.C. market with roses in stylish, crystal acrylic boxes.

Lizbeth Melendez, Owner/Designer 


Privé Roses Listed Among the 12 Best Options for Flower Delivery in Washington, D.C.

Our team is delighted to be among the 12 best options for flower delivery in the Washington D.C. area. A special thanks to Flower Delivery Reviews
Flower Delivery Reviews


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