Frequently Asked Questions

What are preserved / infinity / eternity roses?
Infinity roses (also known as eternity, long-lasting, forever roses) are real, natural flowers that underwent a rehydration process. This process involves the rose's stem absorbing a glycerin solution at its peak bloom to keep its shape. That's how these beautiful roses get to keep their fresh appearance for up to three years with minor maintenance.
What type of flowers does Privé Roses sale?
We sale both fresh-cut roses and infinity roses that last a year.
Are infinity roses real?
Infinity roses are real, natural flowers that underwent a preservation process to keep their fresh appearance for many years to come. Often, these roses are also deep in non-toxic ink to give them a vibrant color and appearance, hence a selection of exotic colors not found in nature (ex. bright purple, black, blue, rainbow, etc.)
Do infinity roses have a scent?
These roses are scentless.
Can I take the infinity roses out of the box?
Due to the delicate nature of the roses, we advise you not to remove them from the box.
Can I remove the lid from my box of infinity roses?
You may remove the lid from your box of infinity roses for a short period of time do avoid dust accumulation on their delicate petals.
How do I care for my fresh-cut roses? How long do they last?
Fresh-cut flowers have an expected vase life of 5-7 days, though we often hear that our boxed roses exceed this expectation. It is advised to remove the lid of the box of your fresh-cut roses and place them in an airy space. Please avoid places directly under heating or cooling vents, as this may dry the roses out quickly. It is also recommended to change the water when is turns cloudy.
How do I care for my preserved roses? How long do they last?
• Keep them indoors in a cool, dry place (no bathrooms), and away from direct sunlight (it will fade them).
• Do not water them.
• Avoid touching the petals. They are delicate and can be damaged easily.
• Do not remove the roses from the box.
With the above, minimal care, the box of flowers can last up to three years.
Where is your store located? Can I pick up?
We are an online-only shop based in Arlington, Virginia.
Pick up arrangements for your convenience can me made by contacting us at 703.568.2788.
Does Privé Roses deliver outside the Washington DC area?
Due to the delicate nature of our boxed arrangements, Privé Roses only offers local, hand-delivery in the Greater Washington Metropolitan Area. We do not offer shipping out of state at this time.
Can I place an order for delivery today or tomorrow?
Contact us for roses availability! We offer same-day delivery (depending on product availability) on orders placed before 1:00 pm on weekdays, and on orders placed before 10:00 am on Saturday.
We can also schedule an evening delivery to your favorite restaurant to accommodate your special surprise at the time of your dinner reservation.

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