Visit Privé Roses at the National Landing Market!

Located at the Crystal City Courtyard Green at 2121 Crystal Drive in Arlington, the National Landing Market offers a space for regional crafters and small business to show off their goods on Saturdays. 

Privé Roses has been fortunate to participate in the market and for it to be its first "pop up" event ever! It has been exciting to expand my tent and banner, and set up our beautiful infinity roses for the public to browse and shop. 

While getting a sales is always nice, I'm mostly intrigued by the instant feedback I get once shoppers "examine" the flowers. I feel that preserved/infinity/everlasting roses are still a novelty and having a pop up allows me to get genuine opinions and insights that otherwise I wouldn't get access to from my online shop. 

Privé's first market was an interesting experience for me also because I got to talk to other small business owners about their experiences and expectations in events like this. It was definitely a Saturday well-spent. I even got to try macaroons for the first time in my life and I quickly realized how much deliciousness those little pastries pack. Oh... and the cider was good and it's not to be underestimated. : ) 

I'm looking forward to our next opportunity at the National Landing Market on Saturday, July 31st. I hope to see you there! 

Roses at National Landing, VA

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